Sunday, September 05, 2004

Papa's New Harley

Several years ago my father went gaga over big bikes. I forgot which one came first but now he has two: a Honda and Yamaha. One of which he actually bought from Aga Muhlach. He loved motorcycles since his youth but he came from a poor family. Eventually, responsibilities of family life put his dreams of owning one on hold. Thirty years later, he is financially stable and can find time to indulge in his hobby. Along with some buddies, they go off to far off places every sunday morning. My mom lets him because he has worked hard over the years and deserved it. My brother and I are simply amused since he's a little over five feet and not much beef in his body and yet he rides this thousand pound bike like its nothing! He spends a lot of money on the bikes too. Whenever my parents go to the US he'd stuff his baggage with saddle bags and other accessories. He'd buy clothes too...he has one that looks like an astronaut suit complete with boots.

Now, he has another baby. He recently purchased a Harley Davidson. It's just second hand but still in mint condition. My mom said he didn't want to tell my brother he bought the bike because my bro's been bugging my parents for a new car. Oh well...he's a working man anyway, he can save up for his own car. Naks! A million pogi points for you Papa!

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