Monday, September 20, 2004

Treasure Hunting in Baguio

A few days ago, the whole class of AIM MBA2005 went up to Baguio for a field trip of some sort. Aside from the late night drinking sprees under the pine trees, the girls (most especially the 315 Babes) were in nirvana because of the numerous ukay-ukay shops littered in Session Road. It was like looking for buried treasure under those dusty piles of clothes...some may call it second hand...we call it vintage clothing! I'm in a "girlie" phase right now so I got four skirts for about 300 pesos, a black People Are People type of jacket for 150 pesos, and several blouses for 65 pesos each. One thing I regret is that we left the place to meet up with some people and didn't get to go back. I had so much stuff I was still planning to buy. Great thing about ukay-ukay is that pieces tend to be one of a kind and very unique. Tin-tin got this great skirt you'd only see in fashion mags for 50 bucks!!!

I love the clothes I bought because it fuels my imagination to mix and match it with key items in my wardrobe like a Nine West pumps and a Gucci bag...then it doesn't look like 50 peso outfit at all! It takes a more than a queer eye to spot the jewels in ukay-ukay! It takes a passion for fashion and experience.

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