Wednesday, July 05, 2006

As the World turns...

Just some recent events to take note of...

North Korea tests four missiles. One long range that they say could reach United States, two short range ones that could reach Japan, and a medium range one.

American, Russian and Japanese world leaders are now concerned what these testings mean. Of course the president of the free world is monitoring these tests and sees it as a big threat to there country because 1) they realize how vulnerable they are, specially after 9/11, despite their claim as the most powerful nation in the world 2) they are busy in Iraq as it is and the possibility of another war could deplete not only their resources but also their power 3) and lastly, that another nation has the potential to be as powerful as they are. Japan also is concerned because the two missiles actually landed off the coast of Japan in the Japanese Sea. These leaders now would like to bring this issue to the United Nations.

But the country most concerned is of course South Korea. Any attacks on North Korea will greatly affect them.

Analysts believe that North Korea is trying to make a statement, that they can be a force to reckon with and have been trying to get the attention of the other world leaders.

Is this a start of another Gulf War? or and even greater war? A possible World War III?


Germany lost to Italy. Italy made two goals a little over two minutes before the game ended. They were already on overtime. They are just waiting for the results of the France-Portugal face off.

I was hoping for a German-French face off.

See, I'm so sosy noh?! I'm watching the World Cup! Grabeh!!!

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