Friday, July 07, 2006

Explosion of the SUPERNOVA!

Last year while I was still unemployed I religious watched Rockstar: INXS. My devotion to it was similar to my devotion to American Idol. A filipino, raised in Australia and had a career in stage there and England, became famous there. Mig Ayesa, the third runner up, even came here in the Philippines and peformed in the MTV Pilipinas Awards.

Ten months after J.D. Fortune was declared the winner and the new front man of INXS, the second season of Rockstar begins with a new band... Supernova. A collaboration of members from Guns N' Roses, Metallica, and Motley Crue. Sorry but the only person I know there is Tommy Lee.

I stayed up all night just to catch the replay. I already have my favorites and a lot of them are girls. They were awesome last night and it's a huge change from the pop-ish show of American Idol. The fifteen wannabes here are more intense and more of a musician than those in AI. After all they must know how to write songs and most of them know how to play an instrument.

Three months of something to do on thursday nights!

Errata: my bro corrected me on some of the names... I have edited the changes already.

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jesuschristsuperscar said...

MiG Ayesa
J.D. Fortune
and Motley Crue


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