Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Oh Brandon! Oh Brandon!

Brandon Routh... sigh!

That was all I could do while watching him do his Superman thing.

The whole family... including our significant others... trooped to Rockwell to watch the movie. At first I tried to get tickets at IMAX. Good thing I didn't. P350 is too much money to spend for this movie.

Okay, I really had mixed feelings watching Superman Returns. I mean, the plot is the usual Lex Luthor wants to take over the world and all that crap but I don't know if I like how the plot went. I know that the twist in the story is blasphemous and sacrilegous for comic book lovers. After that discovery, what next then? Will there be suplings flying with Superman? And I kept expecting to see red lasers coming out of Cyclops' eyes, that he was just pretending to be Lois Lane's boyfriend.

Although it was a good movie, I think it still falls short from being the biggest summer flick of 2006.

But being the ditsy girl that I am, I had fun watching a hottie fly around in tights and red boots.

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