Monday, July 10, 2006

Weekend in Davao

Last weekend the family went to Davao. It was our treat to my 12-year old cousin visiting from the US. We stayed at the Pearl Farm on our first night. It was 40-minutes away from Davao City by boat. I think the whole island was called Samal. Near the resort were other private resorts owned by some of the Davao's rich and landed.

Pearl Farm was pure heaven! It had an infinity pool! The water was clear and there was actually many things to do. But staying there would cost a regular person an arm and a leg but we stayed there for free. They gave us only one night stay so we moved to another hotel in the city so we could also visit the sights there.

The second hotel was called Waterfront. Nothing spectacular though. We went to a seafood restaurant called Ahfat. By Manila standards, the food was quite cheap. For P2,600 we already had lobster, peking duck, and shrimp in our menu. The next day we toured the Crocodile Farm and the Eagle Center.

We haven't left Davao yet and we're already planning our next trip. My mom was suggesting spending both my birthday and my bro's (we're actually a month apart) in Bohol.

I know where I'll be on my birthday leave!

To view more pics click here and here.

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