Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hide Behind Venetian Masks

Venice, Italy for me is all romance and mystery, full of history and culture. A place I have yet to visit but is definitely one of my must-places to see before I die. What is more romantic than being serenaded while riding a gondola?! Venice is also home to the arts and opera! But one thing that will remind me of its rich heritage is the Venetian Mask.

In the 16th to 18th centuries, Venetian masks are worn as an accessory, much like how we wear sunglasses today. It is used to hide one’s identity and social status. It is also a common adornment during their Carnevale, Venice’s version of Mardi Gras

Nowadays, Venetian masks are commonly collected for their intricate and unique designs. Authentic Venetian masks are still made of silver, gold, velvet and feathers. And apparently, they also have different types such as Bauta (covers the whole face), Columbine (covers half the face to be tied with a ribbon), Medico della Pesta (also know as the plague doctor characterized by a long beak and weird design), Moretta (black design usually made of velvet). One of my favorites designs are those Venetian Animal Masks

I think these would make a great accessory to a masquerade ball!

Now I don't know whether I should collect these works of art or wear them. I should find a reason to have a masquerade ball! And if masks are these beautiful, I don't mind hiding behind them.

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