Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Hairy Truth

If you're like me who is unfortunate enough to have hairy legs, you probably experimented with various hair removal products. And there's A LOT out there! I've used depilatories, shavers and even go to the salon every two weeks for waxing. It seems like a curse sometimes.

Lately I'm too lazy to depilate and too kuripot to go to the salon. I shave instead. I personally use Schick's® Intuition® because of the moisturizer around the blade. No need for gels.

Shavers for women are beginning to look cool nowadays. They come in feminine colors because gray, black and blue don't cut it anymore.

Venus® from Gillette®

Soleil® Shimmer™ by BIC® has cocoa butter

I get my supplies from the US where it's cheaper and I have more variants to choose from. Walgreens is really the place to go!

It's been years since I've used depilatories. For a time they made my legs itch. My bff, the master of depilatories, say I might have left the cream longer than necessary. Products now are less harsher, or so she says. I should give it a go again. It's easier.

this is my personal favorite!

But of course, there's my ultimate hair removal dream!

Facial Care's LaserLight treatment! I want smooth underarms like Angel Locsin... and maybe smooth legs too!

LaserLight hair removal uses a painless method of emitting pulses of light energy that are absorbed by the pigment of hair. This zaps the hair root and kills it, preventing the growth of new hair. This means no more unwanted hair after 6 to 8 sessions! LaserLight can be done on the underarms, arms, legs, upper lip and bikini area, or virtually anywhere you have unwanted hair. It is also safe and suitable for all skin types, from very fair to very dark; as well as all hair types, from very fine to very coarse.

Average treatment might cost P35k-P50k depending on their assessment of your hair follicles, pores and thickness of the hair.

So hard being a girl! But you know what they say, no pain, no gain!

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