Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No-show Showtime

The office today was talking about the suspension of Showtime because of the inappropriate stuff Osang said about teachers. A day after her outburst, ABS-CBN already took her out of the show but MTRCB wasn't satisfied and slapped the show with a 20-day suspension. Bad trip noh?! She's a guest judge lang naman. I was surprised about the suspension and was a bit miffed about it since I haven't seen one episode of this show. I've been very busy since the holidays and couldn't catch the show during weekends.

The concept is pretty generic. It's a talent contest and there's no restrictions on what talent you can share. The popularity of the show can be attributed to Vice Ganda, the very funny judge on the show. His no Simon Cowell, but he makes everyone laugh with his witty remarks. He's such a hit! When we told my Aunt from the US who subscribes to TFC  that we'll be bringing her to a comedy bar, she said she wants to go where Vice Ganda performs.

Anyway, the clip is here. Personally I think Osang's words were indeed uncalled for. You be the judge... You can also read the rest of the article here.

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