Monday, January 04, 2010

Jinkee in this corner...!!!

I grabbed a copy of the December issue of YES! Magazine the other day while running errands. While my son slept I read all 50 pages of the tell-all interview. The news of the Manny-Krista affair has died down a bit but I think with this interview, the interest will befueled again. Jinkee comes out with both her fists ready to fight talaga! Parang it belied everything Manny and Krista denied!

Plus, in this month’s issue of Preview, those on Team Jinkee will be happy to see her on the cover all dolled up!

Years ago I worked the night shift of an American airline as a customer service representative. They would arrive on our flight without all the frenzy yet. Manny Pacquiao used to do pre-bout fights then and Jinkee would travel with him. She looked dawdy in bootleg pants and platform shoes with fitting shirts. Her hair looked like it was bleached with agua oxenada!

Look at her now!!!

The saying…”kasalanan na lang maging pangit ang may pera” is sooooooo true…

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