Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Simon says: Goodbye!

Speaking of Simon Cowell... what's this I see?! Simon to say adios to Am-Idol already?! Ano ba yan! This season's show hasn't started yet and we already have another judge leaving the show?! Yahoo! news reports that this will be Cowell's last season...

"Simon Cowell, the acerbic Brit who has helped give "American Idol" some of its sharpest — and nastiest — moments, will leave the hit TV singing contest after this season.

The cantankerous judge said Monday that "The X Factor," a talent show he created and which is popular in Britain, will join Fox's schedule next year. Cowell will be a judge on "The X Factor" and its executive producer.

Cowell's decision is the biggest threat yet to what has consistently been the country's top-rated TV program and a true cultural force. This season, original host Paula Abdul has been replaced by Ellen DeGeneres.

But Cowell, with his caustic commentary, has long been seen as the big star of "Idol."

He said it would have been difficult for him to do both shows. While he makes a reported $36 million a year to be on "American Idol," he owns "The X Factor" and could make much more if the show takes off.

Cowell and top Fox executives made the announcement to reporters in Pasadena at a meeting of the Television Critics Association; they said they had reached an agreement only a few hours before.

"I was offered a lot of money to stay on," Cowell said. "But that wasn't the reason behind it. I wanted to do something different. I wanted a new challenge."

Awww... that's so sad! What will happen to Idol without you Simon?! Well, in the meantime, let's check out how Ellen will fare this season as replacement to Paula Abdul...

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