Monday, October 25, 2010

Heavy Duty Topshop

Okay, so how come we don't have the Topshop make up line here in the Philippines?!!! Mommy is off to the US this November and I'm trying to look for stuff to buy. I saw these...

Heavy Duty, the A/W2010 Collection of Topshop...

Nails in Future

Nails in Grunge

Nails in Lead

The collection deviates from the usual warm colors of fall. It's a bit cold and hard... I'm into smokey eyes lately and these colors are great for the look I want.
Chunky Crayon in Burnish

Chunky Crayon in Graphite

Solid Gel Eyeliner in Steely

Solid Gel Eyeliner in Facet

Solid Gel Eyeliner in Etch (I want!)

I'm all for easy application and I love eyeshadows that come in this style...

Loos Kohl Dust in Black (too bad it comes only in one color...)

Now for the lips...

Lipgloss in Vault

Lipgloss in Undertone

Lipgloss in Gloom (I want this one too!)

All items are below $20 only. Not bad. I'm hoping to get my hands on one gloss and nail polish at least...  Gosh, my pabili list is getting longer!

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