Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brush It Clean!

My officemates thinks I'm overly kikay because: 1) I carry with me a 12-piece make-up brush set to work, 2) I have a bagful of make-up everyday, and 3) I have a brush cleaner in my kit and I clean my brushes regularly.

my Charm 12-piece brush set with pouch I use for office and travel

While they find me OC, I find it weird they never thought of cleaning their brushes. I tell them it doesn't take much to clean their brushes. Personally I use Johnson's Baby Shampoo and I try to clean it weekly. Just put some shampoo in warm water and build suds. Soak the brushes for a couple of hours. Before rinsing I like doing one last soaping of the bristles, swirl the bristles on your palm. I lay them on paper towels for drying.

If I don't have time to clean them - or I'm too lazy to do it, I use brush cleaners.

Beauty Bar Brush Cleaner (left) and Ellana Oil Free Brush Cleaner with Tea Tree (right)

At home I have the Beauty Bar Brush Cleaner and when I'm on the go, I bring my Ellana Oil Free Brush Cleaner which I got as a gift. Both works well, Ellana just smells better. Just spray on the bristles and brush off on paper towel. 

Girls, make an effort to clean your tools. After all you use it on your face. Clean brushes hold make up better. More importantly, you prevent bacteria from breeding in your brushes and make-up as well.

(p.s. Charms make-up brushes bought online at Beauty & Minerals)


Hazel said...

thanks for the tip :) It's either i'm too lazy or don't care with my make up brushes! haha but i agree with you, we put these tools in our face so we must keep it clean

<3 hazel

Vannie said...

hey! i'm liking your brush set! where did u get it and how much?

Conchita said...

brush set i got online at http://beautyandminerals.multiply.com/. it comes with a case. good for travel and good for mineral make-up too.


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