Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cebu Pacific Promos a big DUH!

I was given a heads-up by one of my friends about Cebu Pacific's Fly One, Fly All, Fly Free promo on Facebook. The mechanics seemed fairly easy: First "host" to get 150 passengers will get to fly everybody for free to any Cebu Pac destination on it's 15th Anniversary, which is on March 8. When you register you can either be a "host" and create a flight. Or a "guest" and join a friend's flight as a passenger.

Easy?! Yes. But the application on Facebook keeps bogging down. We always get error messages. It took me a million years (translation: 3 hours) before I could get in. And another couple of hours to finish the registration. After all that I wondered why I even bothered to join. I know it's a free flight for 150 of my family and friends, but so much hassle!

I've also noticed with Cebu Pac that whenever they have seat sales, their site also bogs down. What gives?! Shouldn't they be prepared for the volume of people who visit their site?!

Sucks. Really sucks. They should know now that people will do anything for free stuff. They should've been prepared.

P.S. Last update I saw this.. WTF?!!!

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