Friday, June 10, 2011

Rediscovering Hard Candy

Walmart is the best! Cheap prices and it has almost everything! Aside from baby stuff (bottles, nipples and diapers), I usually get my make up fix there of brands I usually see in the Philippines like Maybelline, L'Oreal, Revlon and Covergirl. Since its about a hundred or a couple of hundred pesos cheaper. But yesterday, I was re-introduced to a brand I've almost forgotten exists - Hard Candy. I used to get the nail polish years ago since they were the only brand I knew that offered black, dark blue and green colored polish.

From nail polish, the brand has expanded to a full make up line. For the past ten years, it has been coming out with edgy, yet colorful products in the market.

Just Nails with Ring (you can actually use the rings)


Hide and Glow Cheek - Cheek Tint Duos ($6)

Fox in a Box - Bronzing Duos and Blushing Quads 

Glow All the Way - Skin Luminizer ($8)


Take Me Out Liner ($5)

Take Me Out Liner - Glitter

Take Me Out Liner - Molten Metal

Hot Smudge - Duos Smudge Shadows ($6)

Powder Keg - Loose Eyeshadow ($6)

Meteor Eyes - Baked Meteor Eyeshadow ($6)

Split Personality - Eye Color Duos ($5.48)


Painted Lady - Manic Shine, Intense Color ($4.66)

Lip Tattoo - Lip Stain and Breath Freshening Gloss ($6)

Glossaholic - Sequine Saturated Shine Lip Gloss

Visibly Wet - Glossy Lip Pencil ($6) - i bought three different shades!

Cheap and Cheerful right?! Too bad though it's not available in the Philippines, or at least I haven't seen them sold at the malls I go to. Tomorrow, another trip to Sephora.

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Pauline Reyes said...

I like to try the Visibly Wet Gloss Lip Pencil.


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