Saturday, June 04, 2011

Joe Fresh Finds

We didn't go out much while in Canada. But because I was with my mom, we did go to the mall. When in Canada we stock up on MACs coz it's cheaper there, so that was our first stop. And then Sephora where I got some make up I couldn't get from the Phil (wait for next post). Also, made sure I checked out the stuff in Joe Fresh

Sneakers for CAN$16

our family friend got sandals for CAN$14 for our little boy 


awww... cute right?!

I didn't want to shop so much yet since we're still moving around. Got make up instead...

nail polish for 3 for CAN$10, cheek tint for CAN$6 and lip crayon for CAN$4. Should've gotten more lip crayon!!! It glides on nicely.

Off to the next state... Dallas! My Aunt says there's some good outlet stores there!

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