Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Juliet would love these!

I just came back from the US. I tried hard not to over indulge this time with shoes - since I'm really a shoe addict - I realized I ended up bringing home eight pairs of shoes. Most of which were bought to me by my mom and my aunts. These should have satisfied me for a few months right?!

And then, I come home and see this in my email...

Also available in black

And we all know how comfy Anthology shoes can be right?! I have two pairs to prove it. You can order these babies online.

Oh fair Verona! Why do you tempt me so!


kong-chu said...

i have the black Verona...its my favorite these days! Ang comfy!

Conchita said...

i'm sure! so plush! hope they come out with other colors. metallic red maybe?


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