Wednesday, July 27, 2011

AND then some...

Can I just share my new "addiction"? It's obvious that I'd rather buy shoes than clothes. I actually love bags too but I'm lucky to have a mom with a closet full of bags that I can borrow. I seldom buy. But I feel bad I just repeat my outfits over and over again because I don't have variety in my wardrobe. 

So, now I'm trying to buy more clothes. Right now I'm into this brand I found on Catalogue 63, an online store.

Check out AND Apparel...

tuxedo shirt (i have this!)

front-ruched tee

loose square tee (i have this too!)

loose tank

maxi t-shirt dress

fitted side-ruched dress

I just ordered these...

I am embracing my new body, my mommy-body... so I go for darker colors and loose shapes that hide those things I want to kept hidden. LOL! These tops go well with skinny jeans - hides my muffin top - and maxi skirts. Hope they come out with more designs!

(pictures taken from Catalogue 63)


Martina of Catalogue 63 said...

Thank you for shopping at Catalogue 63. Please let us know how you liked your purchases! :)

Conchita said...

hi martina!

love the shirts. fabric quality is really good. i love the tuxedo style. like i said, styles are so forgiving to those who have stuff to hide!


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