Sunday, July 24, 2011

Panic Buying at Schu

So, I brought my mom to the closing out sale of Schu in Shangri-la today. I wasn't planning to get anything since the last time I was there I already got what I wanted. But whenever I'm with my mom shopping, we always go crazy.

I don't know the official tally. I just know know I ended up with four shoes and one sandals. My mom even got sandals for my son's yaya and her yaya. The thing is, since it's buy one take one, we had to get even numbers. And just when we thought we were done shopping, my mom would find something she'd like. Then we'd need another pair to "take one". 

Sorting out time...

My loot...

Ended up buying the boots my BFF bought. Both colors.

I didn't see this pair last Wednesday. It was in my size!

"Ang dami!" These are all my mom's. I think she's trying to beat Imelda. She still has some shoes from our US trip last month I think she hasn't worn yet.

We have monsters under our bed... they're all shoe boxes. And I'm running out of space. Either I get a bigger bed... or better yet, turn one of our guest room into a shoe closet.

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Fashion CouSense said...

Wow!! Those are pretty good finds though. :)



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