Friday, July 01, 2011

Saltwater Sandals here?! Ack!

Was a bit disappointed with myself when I started surfing and found out that Salt Water Sandals are available here in the Philippines. I should've done better research when I bought my pair. I could've saved a thousand from shipping. 

got one like this... 

Also available in infant, toddler and child sizes. 

You see I got mine from Zappos. It was on my list when I went to the US for a vacay but completely forgot about it while I was there! I was about to go home when I remembered. I ended up ordering and having it shipped here. Although I used the Johnny Air Cargo service, it was still a bit expensive. Then I find out which stores carry them here! Salter Water Sandals have been around for about 60 years now. Originally manufactured by Hoy Shoe Company in St. Louis, MO. Really great for Philippine weather, rain and shine. Even suggested to be worn wet for awhile for the leather to fit better.

Well, in case there's not a craze over this yet, let's make one!

Salt Water on Facebook.

Available at:
BIG&SMALL CO.  3/F Greenbelt 5, Makati tel: 729.0848; 
BABY & BEYOND  San Juan tel: 571.2509; 
MOANA Powerplant Mall, Rockwell tel: 756.0055

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