Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The only guilty pleasure I can really have without leaving our house is getting a manipedi and foot spa. The home service massage we use also does manipedi and foot spa. So every two weeks or so, I call them for some pampering.

Today, the technician they sent offered nail art. I'm not so into nail art but I saw she had the crack nail polish! I've been looking for the Etude House Crack Nail Polish but it's always out of stock. I couldn't figure out the brand the girl used on me... part of the label peeled off already. But it was not Etude House. She had pink, blue and purple. I decided to try blue.

I hear Tony Moly has Snake Nail Polish that gives the same effect. But it's almost double the price of Etude House. By the way, my toes are painted black. I think crack nail polish on my toes is too much already.

I told the girl after two weeks I wanna try the pink one. 


Issa said...

it's pretty! I have tried the one from Etude but it dried up too fast! I was only able to use it once :(

Conchita said...

oh, really?! hmmm... maybe there are other available brands locally i should look into. thanks for the tip!


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