Wednesday, February 08, 2012

New MAC Limited Edition Collections

There's two new MAC collections about to be released on February 9, 2012 in the US and probably a month or so here in the Philippines. Bright, colorful pastels great for Spring!

Cook MAC Fluid Line: Midnight Snack, Added Goodness, Wholesome and Opulash Mascara

Cook MAC Tendertone Lip Balm: Tread Gently, Purring, Hush,Hush and Hot n' Saucy 

Cook MAC Studio Careblend/Pressed: Medium and Dark

Cook MAC Nail Lacquer: Al Fredo, Kid Orange and Salad Dressing

Call Me Bubbles: (clockwise from top left) Call Me Bubbles, Fresh Daisy, Full of Flavor and Dash

Colour Added: (clockwise from top left) Laundry Daze, Colour Added, Pre-Packaged and Self-Serve

Shop & Drop: (clockwise from top left) Sugar Snack, Hypnotizing, Power Boosted and Shop & Drop

Shop MAC Lipsticks: (from left to right) Innocence, Beware!; Watch Me Simmer; Naughty Saute; Quick Sizzle; Dish It Up; Runaway Red

 Shop MAC Kissable Lip Color: (from left to right) Enchantee, Woo Me, So Vain, Scan-delicious and Flaunting It

Shop MAC Cremeblend Blush: (from left to right) Optimistic Orange, Florida and Restores Dazzle!

I'm such a MAC fan! I don't get to get that much limited collection items since it runs out so fast here in the Philippines. But I have a few thanks to my Mom who gets it from the US. The colors of these to collections are great for everyday use. Just enough color to put you in a happy mood!

(pictures from MAC site)

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Issa said...

These are gorgeous! I love the lippies... and the blushes, oohhh I think I love everything! :)


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