Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Chick Conversation

Listen in a conversation of two chicks! This is an actual conversation, thus, we have to hide their identities...

A: maybe texting here is so expensive
A: coz i don't ask how much is a text here
C: i think it's more expensive!
A: i just text and text!
A: spoiled brat
C: people think i'm such a princess
C: whenever i tell them my mom sends food and clothes whenever i need it
A: it's not our fault we're such spoiled brats!
C: that's right!
C: i mean... they should blame our parents!
A: for me, it's just my reward for making them proud!
A: it's pretty tough!
C: and doing everything they want!
A: hahaha!
A: yesss!!!!
C: yeah... like... they want me to get a nose job... so i did! i'm such a nice daughter!

A: you know what... i kinda like it when people call me a ditz!
A: hahaha!
A: it's not really an insult!
C: i know!
C: the image of a ditz has evolved to more than just blond and big boobs... coz we obviously don't have that!!!
A: yes! it's more global!

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