Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Manila, Manila

I've always been bad with directions. I usually know how to get to some place but can't figure how to get back... maybe some sort of dyslexia. Today, the venture partners, that's Tintin and I, had another road trip. This time our destination was suppose to be Bambang along the LRT. All we had to do was follow the LRT right?! Wrong!!! Missed a turn ended up in Quiapo and then Espana. Then we went all around to get to Bambang. I got caught by some traffic enforcer because I beat the red light because I was looking at the wrong stop light. The partner of the big, pot-bellied guy said we were obviously lost, gave us directions, and then asked us for snack money. The hell! So I gave P100 instead because that was the smallest bill I had in my wallet. When we finally saw Bambang we had to still drive around several times to look for a parking and ended up entering a one way road.

I just borrowed my brother's car for the afternoon while he was still in the office. We got back a little late because of the traffic too. We walked from Dela Costa to AIM because my brother didn't want to drive us back to school... he had a date. He offered to pay my cab... duh?! Some to think of it, I should've taken the money to get back what I gave those stupid traffic guys.

All in all... another fun-filled day doing my thesis!

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