Sunday, November 06, 2005


Although I haven't succumbed to the craze called PINOY BIG BROTHER, I am however, addicted to Korean movies. Yes, may pagka-jologs rin ako.

It started with Full House, a Korean telenovela. I got to watch it while I was doing my thesis. My roommate had a downloaded copy of the whole series. It became our stress-reliever. We got hooked! We didn't care even if we had to read the subtitles! Now, thanks to my bestfriend who regularly buys Korean movies for her mom and her sisters, I get to watch sappy Korean love stories. Even before the Sassy Girl movie (dubbed in tagalog) came out, I saw the movie already. Other titles I've seen are My Little Bride, A Girl I Know, Windstruck, and Crazy Love. She also has some horror movies but I'm too chicken to watch those. I don't know the actors' names and some movies have terrible translations but as long as I get the gist of the story, I'm fine with it.

Other than their movies, I've also turned to their celebrities for fashion and beauty styles. I've been researching for new hairstyles from the entertainment shows on the Arirang channel on cable.

I've been to Seoul, Korea when I was younger. I didn't really fall in love with the country but I did love their food. Apparently there's more to Korea than meets the eye.

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