Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Where is it written that first borns should take most of the responsibilities around the house? Or is it because I'm a girl? Both are a curse. Sometimes. Or maybe most of the time. My parents remember I'm a girl and should somehow be protected during special moments. Mostly when I get home late from night outs. But getting home late from an errand is okay.

My parents happily exploit my state of unemployment with emotional blackmail. And I always fall for it. Stupid guilt! Now that we're left to take care of my sick Lolo, I juggle my time buying groceries for two households. What makes it harder is we buy from two grocery stores quite far from each other, Makro in Cainta and Cherry Foodarama in Antipolo. We moved our Lolo in our old house with his two nursemaids. The house is also getting renovated so part of my chores is to bring food to the other house everyday and check if supplies are needed from the hardware store. Other than household stuff I bring whatever car needs repairs to the casa.

Parents tend to overlook those after the first borns when they give out responsibilities. Like the second or the youngest children aren't capable of handling responsibilities. Or their too fragile to be burdened.

I just realized my responsibilities won't change even when I get a job.

It's bloody unfair!

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tiborce said...

hmn, eldest. another thing in common!


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