Thursday, November 17, 2005

Random Blabs

... I'm gonna be joining the work force soon... I can feel it!

Although I think I'm gonna eat my words. I said I was never going to work for a bank and now I might end up in one. Oh lordie! My only consolation is it's not consumer/retail banking.

Well... I'm crossing my fingers. Don't wanna jinx this one.


My mom hired some people to decorate our house for the Christmas season. Yeah, I thought it was weird at first but come to think of it, nobody in the house wants to go all the trouble putting up the decors all over the house. If you've seen our crib you'd understand.

Anyway, the house is bright with Christmas lights and hollies all over the place. The dancing Santa is now back guarding our lanai. And yet, the Christmas spirit is far from making its presence felt. For me at least. Probably because I'm unemployed. Or probably because my family is celebrating Christmas alone.

If Christmas is just around the corner, that means so is New Year! Oh lordie!


Discovered this in Market Market. I'm going crazy over it. Can eat a dozen in one sitting.
I want my Chocopie! I want my Chocopie! Now! Now!

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