Sunday, November 13, 2005


Just advertising our business!

MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS who are bored with their plain old scrubs! The LUXELIFE INC. can bring fun and fashion to your daily attire. MEDCAL Scrub Suits are not only comfortable and functional, its also refreshingly unique. Create your own style... girls and guys can choose from our wide selection of fabric colors and prints. Choose also your own design: flared, cargo, wrap around, v-neck, round neck, etc!

Just give me a buzz!

MEDCAL Tops: Standard v-neck and mock wrap around in plains and prints (with two pockets) Posted by Picasa

MEDCAL Pants: Cargos and Low Waist Flared (garterized with drawstring) Posted by Picasa

MEDCAL Set: standard v-neck top and staright cut pants Posted by Picasa

MEDCAL Set: wrap around top and low waist flared pants Posted by Picasa

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Chas Ravndal said...

nice blog design.. and i used to fascinate on med scrubs since i work as a paramedic before... thanks for visiting my blog as well and also try to join ..its cool


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