Sunday, November 13, 2005

TAG UR IT!... 20 Random Things About Me

I got tagged by my friend Jehan... having nothing else better to do, why not?!

1. I'm currently addicted to Texas Hold 'Em Poker... usually I play online.
2. I don't like gravy on my chicken.
3. My dream job is anything as long as the price is right and not much finance and I can still wear my funky outfits.
4. I wanna do pole dancing complete with porn outfit. They say it's good exercise. Like sex.
5. Danced ballet for about nine years. Still wish I didn't stop. I do love to dance!
6. I have to be fashionable even for bed. My tops and pajamas/panties have to match. A true fashionista!
7. Every summer when I was a kid my mom would send me and my brother to some school to learn something. Done Speech Power, voice lesson with Ryan Cayabyab, art lessons, guitar lessons, piano, not to mention SEP (Summer Enrichment Program) in Ateneo! I think she just wants us to get rid of us.
8. I'm scared of ghosts and supernatural stuff.
9. First time I was truly drunk (to the point of throwing up on the side of the road and not remembering how I got home) was at a listening party when I was still working at Warner Music. We had the Craig David "What's your flava?!" launch party at the now defunked, PRAVDA. Open bar, what do you expect?!
10. I won a blue Honda City LX about eight years ago at a Bingo game in Ateneo. So, I aptly named my car BINGO.
11. I had a rhinoplasty, a.k.a nose job, almost a year ago. It's not my fault my mom wanted me to be prettier...
12. I hate tagalog movies but I cried while watching Sharon Cuneta in Madrasta.
13. My St. Scho barkada hated me when I was in gradeschool coz I was such a total mean girl. A queen bee without drones though. Fast forward to present: I'm still a brat and I choose who I bully but they learned to love me already.
14. I was in theatre during college (ENTABLADO) and I loved playing the villain!
15. I started smoking when I was almost eighteen. I even taught my bestfriend. Grabe! BI!
16. I'm a biatch and proud of it!
17. I don't like telling someone something twice.
18. I've always thought I can't have babies. And that's my greatest fear.
19. I hate it when people say it's okay if I'm jobless, my family's rich anyway. F*ck! Wish it was THAT easy!
20. Be careful when you say "NO" to me. I get quite cranky if I don't get what I want.

I'm tagging all of my friends... if you're bored or jobless like me... join the fun!


Top888 said...

Hi Blairbitch,
I like your 20 random things about me and your 1st on the list is what I am doing for a living (but responsible type). Want to play together? I am now playing on


Blairbitch said...

Top888... hey what do you know! That's where i play too. C0y0te2.


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