Tuesday, January 02, 2007


It's all Manila Fashion Observer's fault! She introduced me to The Face Shop and now I can't seem to stop!

The prices are so affordable and the shades are morena-friendly... what more can I ask?

The Face Shop is the latest import from Korea. It tops kimchi and Korean novelas in my list of Korean faves. For now anyway.

I love the variety of the cosmetics line. During my first visit I bought a blush (pink), concealer and nail polish (black). I also bought a lip brush that I gave to my friend so she can use to apply her concealer.

They also have face, body and haircare products for both men and women which I have yet to try.

No harm in trying it. I know you'll get hooked too! It also helps that Kwon Sang Woo is endorsing The Face Shop.

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