Sunday, January 07, 2007

Techie Shopper

I am just now appreciating shopping online. My brother has been a master of it for years!

Multiply is a haven of individual sellers. I've found several sites I usually go to. Their products vary from shoes, clothes, bags and accessories. Imagine window shopping without leaving your home, or better yet, in between work in the office! Lucky me the IT in our office hasn't blocked Multiply yet.

Most of the sites I go to are referred by friends or by other sites I frequent (I always find something new at

The Purchaser - "If you like it, let me help you purchase it" I learned about this site from Kikay.Exchange. They sell mostly shoes and clothes. Sometimes they also have bags and other accessories. Personally I haven't bought anything from here because every time I try my mom arrives from her trips and gives me new shoes for pasalubong. I'm a self-proclaimed shoe addict but why spend if I get it for free?! They have their new 2007 UNO Collection however, and I'm loving the Happiness wedge shoes.
Payment terms: Deposit down payment in bank account, rest of the payment before delivery
Delivery: Shipment only via courier

Earthly Jewels - It's all about the bling! I was out with friends one night when I saw my friend's lovely necklace. I asked her where she bought it and she told me about this site. Nice fancy jewels but very affordable. The maker of these blings takes time to meet up with buyers in case it's more convenient for you. Again, I haven't bought anything yet from here because I got some jewelry last Christmas.
Payment terms: Deposit in bank account and COD for meet ups
Delivery: Shipment via courier or meet ups

M's Site - I love designer stuff but usually I just borrow my mom's since I can't afford it. Until now. You'll find mostly bags and wallets here. Although I did find some shoes weeks ago. I learned about M from a friend during our Christmas party. I noticed her gold bracelet with two really huge heart charms and wondered why the heck were the hearts so big?! She opened it and inside were lip gloss. Brilliant! Again, girls love to ask: "Where did you get it?!" To which she replied, "in the internet". On tuesday I'll be depositing money for the Juicy Couture Bowler bag I just got to have. My first online purchase! From my research, M is a Filipino living in New York. He has access to these designer items at discounted prices. Inventory, however, is very limited so you really have to grab the bag as soon as you see it.
Payment terms: Deposit in bank account
Delivery: Shipment via courier only

Maybe I find now buying online easier because I don't have to give out my credit card details. But because these sites give me another payment option, I'm more confident to splurge. In a way the world got smaller because of the internet. But for us shopaholics... it just got bigger!

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