Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am LOVED...

It's my first Mother's Day last Sunday and I was quick to demand a gift from my husband. But being not so good with surprises, he asked me what I wanted. Sigh! I haven't trained him well on giving gifts. He still keeps on asking me what I want. I don't understand why he can't be creative and just ask my best friend or read my blog. I blab about stuff I want here anyway.

I had several things I wanted. I couldn't decide which one until I remembered the Adidas promo. So, I told him I'd look for an old pair of sneakers I can exchange to get new ones on discount.

My old Nike was peeling off already. I didn't get to wear it for a year since I got pregnant, the sole must've gotten brittle over time. My sweet husband glued it together for me. Whenever he does little things like that, I realize how he must really love me. Even after 11 year (yes, ELEVEN...) of being together, it still gets better everyday.

my panganay putting my shoes together. had to crop the pic to hide his belly!

He had work at Edsa Shangri-la today so he told me we'd check out Adidas there. We ended up not using my Nike shoes because the sneakers I got was on sale already. P1900... not bad! I didn't need anything fancy, just good reliable sneakers to run on.

He's quite OC (obsessive compulsive) too. He checked the whole shoe for any damage and made sure it fit me well. He's so sweet. He can be annoying sometimes but I can be bitchy as well, so I guess we're even.

I promised him a nice Father's Day gift. I already know what I want to give him. I just need help getting it.

Thank again Be, I wabyu!


shallow said...

i just had an aawww moment there... my husband is fond of giving surprises, but unlike you, i'm not very keen on accepting surprise gifts hahaha! i mean the thought is very well appreciated, but i'm the type who prefers making and asking for a wish list during birthdays and holidays! but i got a mothers day surprise anyway.

Blairbitch said...

he used to give me cash to buy my own gift... how's that for sweet! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

i'd take cash! :D


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