Sunday, May 10, 2009

What I did on Mudra's Day...

I admit, I never used to be this into local tv until I went on my maternity leave. Imagine 78 days of Boy & Kris, Wowowee and Deal or No Deal really got my mind twisted. Not only am I now a certified kapamilya, I can also say I'm jologs!

My friend, W works at the station, hooked us up with passes for today's ASAP '09 show. Despite the long wait and the even longer line, I must say, we really did have fun. We were lucky it was mother's day, Ate Shawie and Ai-Ai were there to promote their movie. Plus, the stars we really wanted to see were there...

Papa Piolo and Sam were there! Aren't they soooooooo yummy????

I like Iya's fashion sense. Look at her shoesies! My bro says it's from Zara. I won't ask why he knows...

Zanjoe's shoes is LV... sosyal!

Ahlove Enchong Dee!!! That swimmer's bod is soooooo hot!

But I screamed for Papa Jake... I like him better than the other David Garcia, Jr. Ahloveyou Papa Jeyk!!!!

I super love Bea's first outfit. It was a black pansuit with low backline. I didn't get to take a picture though. She was too far from us during her spiels. My husband fell in love with Papa Piolo's body... (ooops, I don't think I was suppose to say that...) He's now doing some weight lifting here at home. He got so jealous of how Papa P can wear those polo shirts... I told him it wasn't the shirt, it was his body. I also told him I should put a picture of a shirtless Piolo to inspire him everyday. I wouldn't mind him looking like Papa P!!!

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