Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm LegallyVain

As you can see, my make up is all over the place. I've been trying to get everything in proper order. Finally, I got around organizing all my make up stuff.

I incorporated strategies from the experts like getting a pill case and putting dollops of my favorite lipsticks in them. Instead of bringing 5 to 7 lipsticks all at the same time.

And thanks to LegallyVain, I found a cute, practical and most of all... affordable vanity case. They carry several designs. I've been wanting one ever since my friend from CAS (Center for Aesthetic Studies) showed me hers.

I got the simple silver one.

The case has a lock. It's not heavy but very sturdy.

So, after a few minutes of getting everything together, I finally have this...

Gosh, looking at it now, I just realized how much stuff I have! But at least it's now organized. I also want to take up make up classes at CAS, just their one-day-four-hour personal make up session. With this case, I won't be embarrassed to bring my kikay stuff.

I showed my mom the case and she wants one as well. They have Burberry and Damier designs. I bet my mom would love those.

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1 comment:

shallow said...

very nice! i have to get one...


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