Sunday, April 17, 2011

Majolica Majorca on my eyes

I have a friend that works for Majolica Majorca. She trains the SAs that demos the make up. She has these two recommendations for me:

Lash Expander Frame Plus and Perfect Automatic Liquid Liner

I just finished my Revlon Mascara so I got this one to try it out. The SA said to apply the mascara I should use the flat side first to separate my lashes and then the curved side to further apply the mascara. In fairnezz it was effective! I didn't get to take a picture of my eyes last night but I felt like batting eyes coz it looked like I had long lashes!

I also got the liquid liner, an alternative to MAC's Penultimate Liner (which I consider is the best one). I'm not so good applying liquid liner but I did manage to make my eyes look decent. 

There were other items I wanted to get like their eyeshadows and pencil liners but I held myself back coz I knew if I didn't I'd end up buying everything again! Especially when you can customized the eyeshadows: get two colors and put in one case, similar to Bobbi Brown's style.

Since Majolica Majorca is made by Shiseido, quality is assured. But price points are more affordable. My friend also said they're coming out with more stuff this month. Something to look forward too!

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