Thursday, April 14, 2011

Steripod for the paranoid me!

Because I'm scared of germs. And because I imagine creepy crawlies like cockroaches roam the bathroom at night, I need Steripod to keep my paranoia at bay.

According to the website, Steripod is a patented toothbrush hygiene system that clips on any standard or electric toothbrush helping to provide protection for up to three months!

We all know that the bathroom could actually be the dirtiest part of our house. Little things like flushing the toilet already contaminates the air. Water carrying icky bacteria already sprays in the air when we flush that's why it's best to keep the lid down while flushing. And most toilets are also near sinks... which is where we keep our toothbrushes, which we put in our mouths... get the picture?!

I've bought one for me, my husband and my son. And also I got one for the toothbrush I keep here in the office. Don't you think it's an awesome invention?!

Available at Watson's P314 for a pair.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Im using this and i feel germ free


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