Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oranges and Tangerines

Oranges and Tangerines are so summer-y! While these are yummy to eat... they are pretty on the lips too. Yes girls, after pinks and purples, orange shade is here. Not everyone can pull it off but looks good on those who can.

Korean brand, Etude House has the Miss Tangerine line...

Sandara Parks, also known as Krung-Krung, models for Etude

Follow Me Tint Tangerine Follower

VIP Dear Darling Lips or 207

Revlon Coloburst has this Coral shade

NARS also has great orange shade...


Also my fave cosmetic brand, MAC

Neon Orange


The Neon Orange doesn't look so orange but when applied it does scream citrus! Morange is more subdued but still orange-y.

I find my skin tone is more inclined with the coral shade than with the tangerines. But I might still find the perfect orange shade for me yet.


Vannie said...

conci! I tried the Etude Dear Darling and ok siya. You should try MAC"s Good to Go as well. And Make up for ever intense rouge #40. MAC's GTG is really bright but if u use a lip brush it gets subdued. really loving it right now!

Conchita said...

i'll try the MAC. i'm good with reds, purples, pinks and nudes but can't find a good shade of orange.


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