Friday, April 15, 2011

Road Test: Belo Sunblock

I'm such a sun-lover. I love the beach and I don't mind being dark. After all, I've proven that some men find my morena skin hot! Haha!

But age is catching up and it has been proven that sun damage is one of the causes of skin aging. Aside from the anti-aging cream i put on my face I am now in search for the best sunblock that will keep UV rays away and also moisturizes my skin without the heavy sticky feeling. One that will allow me to still wear make up after application.

So, here I am. I bought the Belo Essentials SunExpert: Face Cover and Body Shield

I'm still on my second day of road testing this. The consistency of the Face Cover is ok. It didn't give me the sticky feeling. It's very light on the face and I do feel moisturized. My pores doesn't feel clogged. Of course the Body Shield is a bit heavier but still no oily, sticky feeling. I kinda like it. I did put it on my arms only coz I drive and the sun burns my upper body more.

I hope this is the product I'm looking for. Price is also okay... about P449 for the body lotion and P299 for the face.

I'll give update after a week of use.

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