Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Waiting for my Time

Thanks to my officemate who got together our orders, I'll be getting my new Swatch watches soon... 

I decided to get Lady Love in Berry Sorbet

...and then I also got the Swatch Bijoux bracelet in pink

...which is also great with the Zebra strap in neon pink

It's all arriving in a few weeks from Singapore. We got it about P500 cheaper. Already thinking of my outfits to match!


Vannie said...

i love my lady collection watches as well! thinking of getting the orange zebra but i think i overspent already for this year hahaha. i tried the bijoux bracelet too pero grabe it takes time to twirl it around your wrist hehehe. waiting ako for the red. :)

BTW, saw elaine sa hypermart moa. dinner tayo one time! :)

Conchita said...

i was told my watches will come MAY pa coz of some issues with courier. i'm excited na!

yes... we need to meet up for dinner! and kahit sa MOA coz elaine works there naman.

Vannie said...

yay! sige. after holy week puede ka? when are u going to the US? text text na lang. ame number right?

Conchita said...

surely! just text me!


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