Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm a mother packer!

I hate packing. I don't have my mom's skills in fitting a humungous amount of stuff in so little space. I also hate last minute stuff so a week before our flight, I've been slowly throwing in stuff in my suitcase. If ever I have so much, then I also have time to edit. Also, I'm sharing my suitcase with my little boy and you know how much stuff a baby needs to bring.

a pair of jeans, some dresses, skirts and rompers in my list. also tights, leggings and colored socks. of course, new Schu vanilla oxfords won a space in my luggage.

cleaned my Charm and Sephora travel make up brushes too!

I can't decide what bag to bring yet. I don't want to bring much coz I need space for the stuff I'm bringing back. LOL!

From Toronto to Dallas! Excited!

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