Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Love Love from Schu

I received a message from Schu the other day. They have GCs for me for being a "loyal customer"! During my lunch break today, I dropped by Glorietta branch to pick it up.

I expected love, but I didn't expect this MUCH love from them! I had tears in my eyes!

It had a handwritten note... I love notes! 

I immediately called my husband to share the news. Now he's probably wondering how many pairs I really have! I would take a picture of all the Schus I have but then I have to dig deep in my shoe closet and hubby might find out about the pairs I kept from him. LOL! 

But here's some I've blogged about...

The last two I've actually laid to rest already along with a brown peep-toe pumps. Suffice it to say, it's quite a number! What can I say, when I fall in love, I fall hard!

To Ruby and Jayjay... thanks so much! You've made the shoe-addict in me jump for joy! ♥♥♥



More money to buy a Cambridge satchel or schus! Hehehe!

Conchita said...

i know! i'll think about it while i'm away ☺


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