Sunday, May 01, 2011

Mad Hatters

Brits are known for their hats. During the royal wedding, hundreds of guests where in hats that would make your jaw drop. I was worried some of them would fall of their heads...

They call some of these elaborate head pieaces "fascinators". Well, it does fascinate me!

Queen Elizabeth II

Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice (daughters of the Duchess of York)

The Spencers - cousins from Prince William's mother side

Joss Stone

The Beckhams

Other women connected to the royalty and parliament...

Most of the hats worn were made by Philip Treacy, a famous London milliner. Of course we have our very own famous milliner, Mich Dulce, who can compete with international hat makers. Let's join the hat craze! We really should try to be adventurous and explore wearing hats as well! 

Okay, for the next wedding... promise mag hat ako! Mad Hatter peg ko!

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