Tuesday, September 06, 2005


My Havaianas Posted by Picasa

Yesterday, I was in flip-flops heaven! I visited the
House of Havaiana here in the Philippines. It's called ALL FLIP-FLOPS found at the 3rd floor of Glorietta 3. I did try so hard to stop myself from buying a pair. After all, three pairs of Havaianas is a tad too much already. But four??? But I wanted one with the Brazilian flag and the yellow and the blue looked so cute on my newly pedicured feet that I just couldn't resist. After all, a girl can't really have enough Havaianas.

I know someone who has ten pairs so maybe having four isn't that bad.

In less than a year I've accumulated this much Havaianas. You can tell they've all served me well by how much grime is on them.

Flip-flops addict! Posted by Picasa

But my collection grew even more when I went to Canada. The brown floral one was from H&M; black and hot pink with hibiscus print were both from Garbage, a clothing store also in Canada.

Now I get blisters wearing regular shoes.

I'm thinking if I could find a company that would let me wear fip-flops all the time...


Anonymous said...

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patricia said...

I like your blog. Been reading it for the past hour. And it's already past my bedtime!

Can't wait for the next kabanata.

By the way, my first cousin's a graduate of AIM, too.

Blairbitch said...

hi patricia! thanks for visiting my blog. feel free to give me a buzz anytime!

patricia said...

Buzz! ;-)

Hope you are having a grand day. Tis Saturday here and we just came back from my mom's birthday bash. She turned 70!

Have a presentation to do in the next hour. Egads! Wish me luck!

Take care and chat with ya soon.


P.S. Don't forget to go to mass tomorrow! (snicker)


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