Monday, September 05, 2005

The Workforce Be With You!

Today I had my first job interview. The company was in realty and they needed an in-house sales manager.

In my head, I imagined my first interview after MBA differently. For one, I thought I would be confident in stating my desired salary. But I couldn't say it! Maybe because I felt I wasn't worth THAT much... regardless I spent tons on my MBA. But we were taught to be ruthless... to be capitalistic bastards... so with a squeeky voice I told the general manager my desired salary.

"Would you consider anything less?" she asked.

"As of now, no." I said trying to keep a straight face.

Then another head hunter friend of my mom called me up to ask about jobs I preferred.

1. Marketing or Sales for consumer products.
2. Marketing or Sales for telecommunication companies.

"How about banks?"

"Well, then that's my number three." as in last resort, I thought.

She said there was an opening for management trainee for this consumer company (name withheld) but they were only looking for dean's listers. Kung ang pagkakaroon ng boyfriend ay di sukatan ng kagandahan... sa aming paaralan (AIM) ang pagiging dean's lister ay di rin sukatan ng katalinuhan. Sukatan lang ng abilidad manggago ng mga guro!

But of course I didn't say that.

She said she'll be sending my resume to a bank needing a business strategist. Shit! Am I that desperate already?

"Oh, that job sounds interesting. Yes, please send my resume!"

Zara is opening in October. Need money ASAP!

I feel like a sell-out! But, my need to shop is greater.

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