Monday, September 12, 2005

Blabberings on music, t.v., et al...

Since I'm desprately trying to get my mind off things, I keep myself busy watching t.v. and downloading music (but this is bad! NO to piracy!).

Since I left the music industry I've noticed a surge of really good local bands and singers. I'm really very picky when it comes to OPMs. We have really good artists but they get stuck singing remakes and revivals. Among the relatively new ones I really like Kitchie Nadal (Wag Mong Sasabihin, Same Ground). My favorite bands of the moment are Hale (Broken Sonnet, The Day You Said Goodnight), Cueshe (Stay), Session Road (Suntok Sa Buwan, Leaving You), and SpongeCola (Gemini, Dragonfly, Neon, She Don't Care). I've been gone for quite sometime so I have yet to update myself to other songs.


The O.C. is back for its third season! I'm so excited to watch the first episode. Sigh! Oh Seth! Oh Seth!

Other than The O.C., I've been watching Rockstar INXS. I just got hooked. Last episode, Migs (he's a filipino who grew up in Australia and now living in London) had a mediocre performance compared to the others but he wasn't in the bottom three. I guess even though he's barely a pinoy all the pinoys in the world still voted for him.


I'm trying my best to get tickets for thursday's Ateneo-La Salle game. It's our last game for the season before the semis. I'm sure it's gonna be one helluva game.

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