Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Depressed and slightly Suicidal

A girl's companion on a lonely monday afternoon... Posted by Picasa

I had to get out of the house yesterday afternoon. The loneliness and depression was really getting to me. I'm still unemployed and my birthday is fast approaching. Getting older and still a bum is making me really miserable! And there are other things happening in my life which also isn't going as well as I hope it would. So, I drove to Tapa King in front of Eastwood and ordered comfort food... Banana Cobbler (with FIC). And while the rain poured, I also poured my thoughts and feelings in my journal. Whenever I feel this way, there's an uncontrollable need to write. As if writing down nonsensical words would ease all the pain.

For a couple of hours I did feel better. Well, it also helped that I did some shopping too. I got a brown Boho skirt with belt, a silvery sash, and two capri sweat pants for working out. Today, I also bought a navy blue shirt. It's for thursday's Ateneo-DLSU game.

Sigh! Life!


Anonymous said...

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partygirl said...

mare, i can so relate. let's drink to that. retail therapy sa yo, spa therapy sa akin.

waaaaaaaaaaaa! i wana work na rin


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