Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Clumsy... or Cursed???

I don't think a couple of months can go by without something weird happening to me. Case in point... last friday after a night of booze I fell on my butt while taking a shower. No, I wasn't drunk. In my naked glory I was on my back on my bathroom floor. Lucky me I didn't really hurt my back but my butt was slightly bruised and I had to walk like a duck for a couple of days. Lucky me too that I didn't hit my head coz I was inches away from hitting the wall.

The year isn't over yet and I already had shingles last January, bitten by my dog last May, and now a slight accident. Oh, I wonder what happens next!


Final three in Rockstar INXS: Migs Ayesa, J.D. Fortune, and Marty Casey! Tomorrow at 930am (Phil time) will be the finale.

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Anonymous said...

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