Thursday, September 15, 2005

Misery loves company

Coffee tastes best with a friend and a little misery. Ever since Starbucks opened here in Marikina it's been the place of choice for me and my girlfriends to share our life stories. A quick call to each other or a text..."Libre ka? Coffee naman tayo. Starbucks?" simply means... "I desprately need someone to tak to!" and an impromptu gimik has greater chances of pushing through. And yes, we're willing to pay a hundred bucks for coffee which actually just costs twenty pesos to make. Nevertheless, the company is priceless.

Hmm... wonder why we never talked about our problems over beer?


patricia said...

Hey there,
Are you also from Marikina? I'm from there. We're at the boundary of QC and Marikina. We still have a house in Monte Vista, in fact.
Starbucks, eh? Goodness, who would drink lattes and capuccinos in a humid country? It's quite popular in California and their gourmet coffees are good (the one with white chocolate is heaven) but could get expensive... $3-$5!
Another popular one here is Cold Stone Creamery. You can smell the ice-creamy richness a block away. They prepare the ice cream with your selected mixin's on a slab of granite. It's fattening but good.
I'm signing off for a couple of weeks! I'm-a cruisin' to Alaska!

Blairbitch said...

Wow, what a coincidence! I'm near SSS Village. It's kinda rainy here right now so hot coffee is good. I prefer Cafe Mocha.

Enjoy cruise! That sounds awesome!


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