Friday, May 13, 2005

Celebrity Thoughts

I ran across my friend's blog and she has links to celebrities' blogs. I scanned through them and I was impressed! I've always underestimated people in showbiz. I always think they're flighty people with nothing between their ears. Maybe bad to generalize. Glad to be proven wrong by these people.

I enjoyed reading Jim Paredes' blog. He has an entry there about his son Mio. It always gets me when a father talks about his children with pride. His daughter Ala also has a blog. She posted some of her artworks too. Again... impressed. But I guess I shouldn't be... this family after all went to Ateneo. Hah!

I also ran across Paula Paralejo and Lucky Manzano's blogs. Lucky has a lot of poetries there. Pretty good too.

Apparently this blogging thing is REALLY contagious.

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