Monday, May 09, 2005

The Devil Wears Prada...

Ever since my six-year relationship ended the first time, I can count in one hand the times I've gone to mass. During the troubling times of our break up, Tini found solace in his faith. And I think, I lost mine. Even when we weren't together anymore, Tini would encourage me to go to mass, either with him or alone. I always found an excuse not to go. But the more he tried to convince me to go, the more I didn't want to.

Typical me... the more I'm pushed... the more I pull away.

But I was never a religious person to begin with. I found my own style of praying, of worshipping, of being one of Him.

I want to go to mass because my heart is answering His call.

I want to go to mass because I want to.

I will go to mass again... but in my own time. For me, praying is more spiritual than religious. I'd feel even worse going to mass without my heart in it. But I think I'm slowly finding my way back. Surprisingly, it's because of Tini. Maybe working on being at peace with each other helps.

I was talking to a friend about how much we admire people who have so much passion in their faith... I told her we have the same level of passion only on clothes, make up, and boys...

C: we're probably be going straight to hell... pero fashionable nga lang!
A: tayo yung bound to hell girls in LV bag, Burberry coats, and etc etc


she who remembers said...'m not surprised that we who pull aways from our faith the strongest are the ones who get pulled back with so much passion. I'm sure the answer is just right there beneath your Prada. You're closer to God than you think.

Toni said...

Can't help but laugh at the end of your entry!

He is closer than you think.

See you soon in Wien! :)


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